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Focus it the ability to apply yourself to a task without getting distracted. Most people find it difficult to stay focused without getting distracted. People who can sustain their attention for long periods of time score better on a range of cognitive challenges than those who do not. Just like body building, the mind can be strengthened for better attention span through regular mental exercises.

Physical exercise also plays a critical role in oxygenating the brain leading to better attention. Research shows that work productivity and attention to task is sharply increased with regular physical exercise. Its benefits are enhanced when physical exercise is carried out with others rather than alone. Taking part in a well being building program with takeaway activities can assist in developing a consistent team bonding, well being program in the office.

Physical movement or a change of pace plays an important role in keeping energised and focused in meetings and at conferences. Studies also show that immediately after even mild physical activity, problem solving, memory, and attention improve. Astute meeting planners and conference organisers are acutely aware of the critical role of intermittent energising activities to maintaining delegate focus and achieving conference outcomes. Energisers like short, sharp music and rhythm activities bring a total change of pace, invigorating and energising. Well being activities oxygenate the muscles and brain bringing freshness and focus.

Catalyst has a range of energisers and team building programs specifically designed to energise and focus attention. Need help in deciding? Looking for something else? Get in touch.

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