Ignite team communication

1.5 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


In this highly engaging activity the focus falls on interdepartmental communication and collaboration. Every single participant plays a vital role for the success of their team. Participants are split into small groups and assigned a specific role in the communication chain. The goal is to build a model from very simple elements, following the chosen strategy within a limited amount of time.

Learning Outcomes

ibuild is a unifying experience with strong outcomes focusing on the importance of language, feedback and creating a step by step project strategy. The strict rules are designed specifically to emphasise the main principles of accurately conveying information. Ibuild is a great way of enhancing internal communication skills between different company teams or departments, as well as, customer communication. The ibuild activity is followed by a debrief session, where participants are encouraged to share their experiences and outline conclusions.

Related Testimonial

IBuild was an incredibly effective way of focusing on how we use language both how we speak and our body language. Super fun and engaging its made us more mindful of the way we engage with each other.


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