Harmonica Harmony

Mass participation harmonica jam session

30 minutes - 1.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
50 - Unlimited


Evoking the sounds of the Deep South, the blues harmonica is more than just a musical instrument. In Harmonica Harmony participants are guided through a series of fun exercises that culminate in a mass harmonica jam session that will blow the blues away and be long remembered.

Starting with breathing exercises, the team are introduced to their instruments and then move on to the basics of blues harp by one of the world's greatest blues harmonica players. Soon participants are playing blues together as one and are chugging away with the infectious rhythms of an unstoppable freight train speeding south through the Mississippi Delta.

For a cheap and cheerful alternative, our in-house facilitators can invigorate and energise your group as they guide them through a series of activities and utilise music notation to teach them to harmonise and play the blues in a simple yet effective way.

Learning Outcomes

Harmonica Harmony is a high energy experience, that literally, blows away perceived limitations to prove that with teamwork, good communication and belief, anything is possible. It transforms teams by stretching personal limits, opening minds, and bringing individuals together in a unique and compelling way that will be long remembered. By the time they hit the buffers the team will be energised and exhilarated – they can now play the blues.

As a souvenir of the session the team members get to take their harmonica home with them – these can be branded with your company logo or conference theme.

Related Testimonial

Harmonica Harmony is truly a unique experience. It is the perfect activity to energise a large group of people - with great teamwork, great success can be achieved.

Paul Sim, Design & Marketing Pte Ltd

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